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2. Message:Toward a society where everyone can be happy with their loved ones

We are committed to solving social issues related to family and partnerships, and Bringing sustainable prosperity to society
Innovations in technology continue to create new choices in our lives today.
But how many "real choices" are there that we can make of our own volition?
Partnerships are diversifying beyond the fixed frameworks of family and marriage. The world has now entered an era in which couples and married couples are no longer bound by the old perspectives of society, but are sharing roles and seeking ways of living that are in line with their values.
Thus, partnerships and personalities are becoming more diverse, but what about the degree of demand for diversification in society?
Gender, race, systems, and customs. The world will not change as long as society's old perspectives on these things prevent new choices.
Society is receptive to change through the evolution of technology and its acceptance.
Society will change in step with the changes of its people. We want to minimize that delay as much as possible.
At Unwind, we want to help solve social problems related to families and partnerships, and help couples improve their relationships, and we will provide services that believe in the power of "communication" without relying on technology alone.
We are a partnership company that changes the world from the field of difficult issues.


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