CEO Kanon Hashimoto

Chief Executive Officer


起業家。長女。兵庫出身。 Unwindでは開発以外のなんでも担当。 趣味は音楽とアニメ。


During her fieldwork in India while a university student, she met Tibetan students, and news about forced adult video performances in Japan sparked her interest in the job of reporter, which conveys deep-rooted problems and the small voices buried in society. He studied journalism for about a year at the mass communication school "Pen-no-mori Osaka".
After graduating from university, she gave up her career as a reporter to work for an adult live chat management company, where she worked as a web director and marketer. Began disseminating information about sex for women on her blog and social networking sites.
Since 2018, she has been holding offline/online "Lotion Touch Up Meetings," an event where you can learn about the difference between lube and lubricating jelly, on an irregular basis.
In 2020, began learning counseling specializing in sexual problems under certified psychologist Eiko Ushio and love life advisor OliviA.
In April 2021, feeling that the power of design has not yet been demonstrated in the field of sex, she attended and graduated from the Communication Design Course of the UI/UXD Major at Digital Hollywood Osaka Main School, and established Unwind Inc. in July.